About Christopher Buxton

christopher buxtonA child of loving parents – a Theatre Director and Actress – always on the move, I was dispatched to a Boarding School run by Catholic priests. This was in every sense an enriching and painful experience, fuelling a fascination and fear regarding organised religion in both its spiritual and physical aspects.

Escaping the Monastic world, I entered the 60s, got a degree in English and American Literature but failed the crash course in opposite sex relationships. I took the view that the solution to heartache was in paid travel – so I went to work as a teacher in first Portugal, then Norway. learn more


Седемте палавници и властната принцеса

Запознайте се с Умниция – най-властната от властните принцеси. Докато Кралят, баща ѝ, води тежки битки с дракони, тя управлява замъка и подчинява придворните. Но скоро заплаха надвисва над живота и царуването ѝ. Предадена, принцесата е изправена пред изпитания. Тя е малка, а опасностите – страшни. Как да ги преодолее? Умниция ще намери помощ от седем палавници и странна вълшебна къща, но тя трябва да се бори освен със злото и със своя неотстъпчив характер. Ще успее ли? Приказка като приказка – за борбата между доброто и злото. Но защото е необикновена приказка за умни деца с въображение, тя разказва и за борбата на човека със собствените му слабости.


The Bossy Princess and The Seven Scallywags

Meet Smartina, the bossiest of bossy princesses. While her Daddy the King is away fighting dragons, she’s the queen of the castle and her word is law. All too soon though, she is threatened by a rival. Before she can issue a new command she is drugged, put in a sack and left outside a bears’ cave in the middle of an impenetrable forest. Lucky for her that she is rescued by a magic house and garden. But this is where the seven rumbustious little scallywags live – and she will face the greatest challenge to her bossiness. An enchanting tale for 7-11 year olds.